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Nursery Lesson Plan 25: God hears me when I talk to Him - 11 March 2012

Dear everyone,
Please find a brief summary about the concept area and the activities held for the children at the preschool ministry yesterday on Sunday 11 March 2012:
It has been such a great blessing to have a special guest, Kim Nielsen, who came and shared her beautiful faith-story about God hears our prayers anytime, anywhere. (Psalm 66:19) 
Concept Area:


God hears people talk to Him when they pray. 
Bible Story:
Special Guest Speaker: Kim Nielsen
Jonah 1 - Jonah and the whale
Bible Verse:
Psalm 66:19 God hears me when I talk to Him
There were 3 activity stations that were set up, as follow:
1. Making collages and montages
The children were encouraged to talk, listen and reflect upon the story of Jonah and the whale, and had a go at making their own collages/ montages by pasting pictures on large pieces of paper. We had conversation with them about Jonah's prayers and tried to encourage them to imagine if they were Jonah, what would be their experience being in the stomach of the whale for 3 days. How could they get help in that situation?
2. Fishing for whales
The children had great fun fishing for whales from a 'water tank'. They could then add and paste all the whales that they had caught onto their own collages. While the children were busy in this activity, we created conversations with them about the story of Jonah and the whale, especially Jonah was inside the whale for 3 days. He prayed for God's help and God heard his prayer and released him from the whale.
3. Telling the bible story of Jonah and the whale
While they were engaging in the activities, we told them the story of Jonah and the whale and also created a conversation with them about prayers. For example, what they can pray for? Where they can pray? When they can pray? How they pray?
As part of an effort to encourage inter-generation interaction for the preschoolers, Kim came and shared with us her own personal faith-story. This generated a lot of interesting thoughts and learning conversations with the children, who were prompted to reflect on our prayers. We closed the time of sharing with a prayer.
The day's session concluded with a snack time. Everyone enjoyed the yummy carrot  muffins specially prepared by Kim.
Overall, it was a great joy to see the children interacting with Kim and with one another. We hope to see your children again next time, both 'old' and 'new' faces to come, share and enjoy in the wonderful teachings God has for us. 
on behalf of the teachers/helpers on 11 March 2012.

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