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Nursery Lesson Plan 15: Family Members Love One Another - 27 January 2013

FIBC Nursery (0-5 years old)

Date: 27th January 2013, Time: 1 – 2.30pm

Concept: Family

Key Bible Verse: John 15:17 - Jesus said, "Love One Another"

Teachers: Simon, Rochelle & Stephen

1-1.30pm: Art & Crafts (Visual & Kinesthetic)

Arts & Crafts: Create a Picture Frame (Kinesthetic)

Ojective(s): Create a picture frame using paper and cardboard and place a family photo in the middle.

Materials: A4 cardboard, A4 sheets of paper, photo of family or sibling., print out of the bible verse.

Guidance: Help children create a frame from the materials and place a picture of a family member or entire family in the middle.  Below the picture paste the day's bible verse.

Arts & Crafts: Play dough (Kinesthetic)

Ojective(s): Create something with play dough.

Materials: Play dough.

Guidance: Children are encouraged to create figurines (or anything that grabs their imagination).

1.30 – 1.45pm: Snack time

1.45 – 1.55pm: Lesson Time with a Bible story (Audiotory)
Bible story:  Joseph and how his 12 brothers sold him into slavery. Genesis 37

Slide show:  Families loving one another (asking questions and reinforcing the message)

Powerpoint Presentation:
1.55 – 2.05pm: Clean up time

Clean up together and sing the song “Time to Clean Up”

2.05 – 2.15pm Music: Song Time (Audiotory)

   A new commandment
  Jesus loves me
 If you're happy and you know it

2.15 – 2.25pm Games (Audiotory, Visual, Kinesthetic)

Game: Jumping on the spot?

2.25pm: Parents to collect children

More pictures here:

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