Sunday, 21 August 2011


Nursery Lesson Plan 22: Choices - 21st August 2011

Dear Parents,

Here is a brief summary about the concept area and the activities we introduced to the children on Sunday:

Concept Area:


I can make choices/ I can make right and wrong choices

Bible Story: 
Daniel 1:8-21
Daniel obeyed God and chose Good Food

Bible Verse:
1 John 3:22 " Do those things that are pleasing to God"

We had a sticking and pasting station where the children chose pictures of food that they liked and were they could stick it on and the verse above is written on. Use this if you would like to reinforce the lesson and the memory verse.
We also had a kitchen station where the children played and prepared play food.
During story time the children were told the story of Daniel choosing not to eat the nice (but unhealthy) food, but rather the healthy food that God would want him to eat.  Thus he was obeying God.  In return God blessed him and his friends by making them stronger and healthier and more clever than the other men serving in the King's Palace.  We played a game of food tasting and guessing afterwards (I think they enjoyed this) and again we reinforced how mummy and daddy give healthy food because they love us.  And just as Daniel did what God wanted him to do we need to do what mummy and daddy want us to do.  

You can see more pictures here:

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