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Nursery Lesson Plan 33: God Cares For Me - 14th August 2011

Dear Parents,

Praise the Lord for it has been very encouraging to see your children on Sunday 14 August 2011!

I hope that the children can continuously be reminded in this coming week about how God cares for them and also for you. Please use the small paper slip that you hopefully have received on 1 Peter 5:7 to help your children to remember this precious promise from God.

Please find a brief summary below about the concept area and the activities we introduced to the children today:

Concept Area:



God cares for me.

Bible Story:

Luke 2:6-7 God cares for baby Jesus when he was born. Joseph and Mary care for baby Jesus.

Bible Verse:

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (Children’s version: God cares for me.)


We introduced to the children about God cares for us, trying to let them understand what the word ‘CARES’ mean and how the children themselves could apply this at home with their family, friends and even their pets and plants. We try to let them to remember that God loves us and cares for us.

As a follow-up from last Sunday’s learning aim – ‘I like to go to church’, we started by pasting photos of each pre-school child on the church cardboard-model to remind them that they are part of God’s church. This was followed by an activity of having the children trying to give a vinyl baby doll a bath and feeding, so that they could understand how they could care for a little baby. We also set up a station where they children decorate and paint their own little box, whereby each child was then guided on how to plant cress ('karse') seeds and water them, and to bring their plant-box home to continue to give the seeds plenty of sunlight, water and loving care. At story-time, the children heard the story about how baby Jesus was cared for by God and his parents, and having the children try to repeat saying that ‘God cares for us’ and also through the physical hop-hop activity. There was also a station with 2 small goldfishes that the children had a go at feeding them with small amounts of fish-food and again reinforcing the concept of caring for our pets.

I urge and encourage you as a parent to continue the learning aim at home from what the children have learned at pre-school, and I hope to see you all again at church on Sunday!

You can see more pictures here:


Wi Min

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