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Nursery Lesson Plan 5: God Wants People To Go To Church - 7th August 2011

Dear Parents,

I decided to start writing this e-mail to you as I have learned that family reinforcement throughout the week on what the children have learned at Sunday school is a crucial part of helping our children to build their faith towards God and building up their relationship with God.

I hope you have received the small slip of reminder that consist of the verse that we have introduced to the children today when you signed in your children to the Sunday school. Please use that to help the children by reminding them throughout the week.

A brief summary about the concept area and the activities we introduced to the children today:

Concept Area:



God wants people to go to church

Bible Story:

King Solomon obeyed God command and built a beautiful and special temple (church)

Bible Verse:

Psalm 122: 1 I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD (Children version: I like to go to church)


We introduced to the children about CHURCH. We were trying to let them understand the concept of church by asking them the questions like What can they find and see in the church? Why are they coming to the church? What are they and the people doing in the church? Do they come to the church every Sunday with their daddy and mommy?

We also repeated and reinforced many time throughout the activities with the children on Psalm 122: 1 I like to go to church (the children version)

I encourage you as a parent to continue the reinforcement on what the children have learned today at the Sunday School.

In His Service,

On Behalf of Sunday School Teachers on duty on 7 Aug 2001

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