Tuesday 27 September 2011


Nursery Duty Roster: 16 Oct 2011 - 26 Feb 2012

Duty roster from Rochelle:

16 October 2011
Glory, Elaine and Teddy   Lesson 8

23 October 2011
Elaine, VK and Gina       Lesson 9

30 October 2011
VK, Wi Min and Emma    Lesson 10

6 November 2011
Wi Min, Glory and Stephan Lesson 11

13 November 2011
Glory, Elaine and Sarma Lesson 12

20 November 2011
Elaine, Jannie and Teddy Lesson 13

27 November 2011
Jannie, Allan and Gina Lesson 14

4 December 2011
Allan, Rochelle and Emma Lesson 15

11 December 2011
Rochelle, Simon and Stephan Repeating Lesson 2 Angels told Mary and Joseph that Jesus would be born

18 December 2011
Simon, VK and Sarma Repeating Lesson 10 Jesus was sent to Earth by God, Jesus Birth.

8 January 2012
VK, Wi Min and Teddy Lesson 16

15 January 2012
Wi Min, Rochelle and Gina Lesson 17

22 January 2012
Rochelle, Simon and Emma Lesson 18

29 January 2012
Simon, Elaine and Stephan Lesson 19

5 February 2012
Elaine, Glory and Sarma Lesson 20

12 February 2012
Glory, Allan and Teddy Lesson 21

19 February 2012
Allan, Jannie and Gina Lesson 22

26 February 2012
Jannie, Wi Min and Emma Lesson 23

Sunday 11 September 2011


Nursery Lesson Plan 3: The Bible Is True - 11th September

Dear Parents,

Praise the Lord for bringing your children to the house of the Lord to see and hear that all God's words are true! For those who were not able to come on Sunday, we hope to see you next time at the FIBC pre-school to join us for a time of learning, loving and sharing about God's salvation for us.

In this lesson, we introduced that the Bible is true, by sharing that all the stories in the Bible really happened, as evidenced in God's creation of the world we live in.

Please find a brief summary below about the concept area and the activities we introduced to the children:

Concept Area:



All God's words are true. The Bible is true.

Bible Story:

Who wrote the Bible?
How do we know the Bible the true?
Books of the Bible

Bible Verse:

John 17:17 The Bible is true

Brief overview of activities:

As a warm-up while waiting for other children to arrive, we played a Bible word game. Children toss a small jellyfish-like bean-bag to select and pick up alphabet cards that have been placed on a floor, and to complete words like 'B-I-B-L-E', 'G-O-D' and 'J-E-S-U-S'.

As an activity to recall and reinforce the memory verses taught from the previous lessons, this was followed by an activity where the children are involved in making their very own little booklet of mempry verses. They pasted strips of small paper containing the verses and decorated the pages with their own drawings and animal stickers, while we read together aloud and repeat the memory verses such as:

Psalm 55:17 I will pray always and God will hear and answer
1 Peter 5:7 God cares for you
Psalm 122:1 I like to go to church
Psalm 73:1 God is good to us
1 John 3:22 Do those things that are pleasing to God
Matthew 2:1 Jesus was born

As an activity leading to the story-time, a few items like an apple, orange, potato, stones, flowers, leaves, feather were hidden around the room. The children were asked to help me find these items as we gather and sit together to hear the story. The children are quizzed on what are the items they have found with questions 'What is this?', 'Do you know who made this?' and 'How do we know that God made this?'. I then showed my Bible and started to talk about how God had spoke to men from long ago who wrote God's words for the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16), and that the Bible is true. In trying to explain the word 'true', I repeated that the stories in the Bible really happened, for example, through God's creation of the seas, lands and animals and the things they have found in the room. I also showed a Disney storybook 'Dumbo', to try to explain the concept of 'true' versus 'false', so that the children could understand the difference between the stories we read in the Bible compared with fairy tales, cartoons and fantasies. We then try to read and repeat the first few books of the Old Testament together with the children, and played a Children's song from a music CD that sings all the books in the Bible.

An activity station was set up with Bibles that they children are encouraged to open them, read and talk about the stories in the Bible. I also placed books like 'Pinochio' and 'Merlin the magician' so that we could talk about what is the difference between these stories and those in the Bible.

The children enjoyed a 'Wiggle-Giggle-Freeze' exercise after a snack time before we wrapped up the lesson and cleaned-up the room together.

I urge and encourage you to continue the learning aim at home this week on 'The Bible is true'- John 17:17.

I hope to see you all again at church on Sunday!

Thank you,
Wi Min

Sunday 4 September 2011


Nursery Lesson Plan 2: Jesus was born - 4th September

Dear Parents,

Praise the Lord for it has been very encouraging to see your children on Sunday 4 September 2011!

I hope that the children can continuously be reminded in this coming week about Jesus was born. Please remind your children about an angel came to Marry and announced to her that Jesus would be born. Joseph and Mary were in the stable in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. The shepherds came to visit Jesus and the shepherds sent the good news to everyone at Bethlehem.

Please find a brief summary below about the concept area and the activities we introduced to the children yesterday:

Concept Area:

Angels told Mary that Jesus would be born and Jesus was born.

Bible Story:
Luke 1: 26-38 Jesus' birth was announced to Marry. Luke 2:1-7 The baby Jesus was born.

Bible Verse:
Matthew 2:1 Jesus was born

We introduced to the children about Jesus was born. We set up 4 activities stations, one of them is the pictures pasting activity. Through this activity, we introduced to the children the important characters and elements when Jesus was born. For example, the stable, the shepherds, angels, Marry, Joseph and the manger. The 2nd activity station was building a Nativity model with pasting the Nativity characters and elements. By building the model, we have a good conversation moment with the kids to tell them about the important things at the moment when Jesus was born. The 3rd activity is a bible puzzle activity with the picture of Jesus was born. The last activity station is a simple picture of Bethlehem when Jesus was born. We talked about Bethlehem at the time of Jesus was born.

During the Bible story telling time, in order to help the children to visualize the moment when Jesus was born, we introduced them a Nativity model with a stable. Letting each child has a chance to put an important character or element like sheep, donkey, cow, Joseph, Marry, shepherd, angel, manger and the little baby Jesus onto the Nativity model. The children really enjoyed this part of the activities. Before we closed the Bible story, we also let the children have a chance to dress up like Joseph, Marry and shepherds to experience the moment when Jesus was born.

The children enjoyed a singing session right after a snack time before we wrapped up the lesson.

I urge and encourage you as a parent to continue the learning aim at home on what the children have learned at the Sunday Preschool.

I hope to see you all again at church on Sunday!

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