Sunday 27 January 2013


Nursery Lesson Plan 15: Family Members Love One Another - 27 January 2013

FIBC Nursery (0-5 years old)

Date: 27th January 2013, Time: 1 – 2.30pm

Concept: Family

Key Bible Verse: John 15:17 - Jesus said, "Love One Another"

Teachers: Simon, Rochelle & Stephen

1-1.30pm: Art & Crafts (Visual & Kinesthetic)

Arts & Crafts: Create a Picture Frame (Kinesthetic)

Ojective(s): Create a picture frame using paper and cardboard and place a family photo in the middle.

Materials: A4 cardboard, A4 sheets of paper, photo of family or sibling., print out of the bible verse.

Guidance: Help children create a frame from the materials and place a picture of a family member or entire family in the middle.  Below the picture paste the day's bible verse.

Arts & Crafts: Play dough (Kinesthetic)

Ojective(s): Create something with play dough.

Materials: Play dough.

Guidance: Children are encouraged to create figurines (or anything that grabs their imagination).

1.30 – 1.45pm: Snack time

1.45 – 1.55pm: Lesson Time with a Bible story (Audiotory)
Bible story:  Joseph and how his 12 brothers sold him into slavery. Genesis 37

Slide show:  Families loving one another (asking questions and reinforcing the message)

Powerpoint Presentation:
1.55 – 2.05pm: Clean up time

Clean up together and sing the song “Time to Clean Up”

2.05 – 2.15pm Music: Song Time (Audiotory)

   A new commandment
  Jesus loves me
 If you're happy and you know it

2.15 – 2.25pm Games (Audiotory, Visual, Kinesthetic)

Game: Jumping on the spot?

2.25pm: Parents to collect children

More pictures here:

Saturday 26 January 2013


Nursery Minutes of Meeting – 26 January 2013

Dear all,

Please find below the meeting minutes of today's meeting, which was held in the Lord's spirit and kept within the time allocated for the meeting.

Meeting Notes for Saturday 20 October 2012

Present: Rochelle, Simon, Allan, Jannie, VK, Wi Min, Juliana and Elaine

Babysitter: Thanks to Cecilia for baby-sitting


"1. To discuss to use the old nursery room for Pre-school as temporary solution until the fireplace room is cleaned up and ready for use. To discuss the needed practical arrangement to use the old nursery room. To discuss the possibility to restart Sunday Pre-school from 27th Jan using the old nursery room."

Decision: We decided to use the old nursery room as a temporary solution until the fireplace room has been properly cleaned up. We resume classes tomorrow, Jan 27th.

"2. To discuss the yearly Spring Cleaning of fireplace room, for example the date and the practical arrangement."

Decision: We decided to ask the Connect group to help clean up the fireplace room sometime when we are sure the room will no longer be used as a shelter for the homeless. We see no urgency for this as the old nursery room can function until the fireplace room has been cleaned. Date has not been set, but Simon Coote volunteered to coordinate the yearly Spring Cleaning of the room.

"3. To fix the teaching schedule for the next period from 3 Feb 2013 onwards"

Action: the new teaching schedule has been agreed upon and will be uploaded to Planning Centre by Simon Coote. Also, Elaine will upload it to our Nursery Blog. Helpers are kindly asked to verify the schedule, once uploaded, and find replacement for those dates they are not available (swap dates).

"4. To discuss and agree on the ground rules for all the teachers and helpers, for example, duty swapping rules, Sunday Pre-school cancellation rules and who to contact to make announcement in the church service regarding the lesson cancellation for that Sunday."

Decision: the rules proposed by VK were unanimously accepted. They are as follows:

1. Teaching schedule is agreed and fixed at each Quarterly Meeting.

2. Once the schedule is fixed, the teacher assigned to the Sunday on duty is responsible to initiate the swapping with another teacher if anything unplanned happen later on. After the agreement is reached, the teacher is responsible to inform Schedule Coordinator to update the Planning Centre.

3. The teacher on-duty is empowered and fully responsible for all the decision making on the Sunday on duty if something unexpected happen. Any issue cannot be resolved and decided by the teacher, he or she should take the initiative to discuss the issue with Austin immediately and make the decision together with him.

4. Cancellation of lesson should be the last solution, in the circumstances after the attempt of swapping with another teacher or finding substitute is not successful.

5. In the case of cancellation of lesson which is known in advanced, the announcement should be published at the bulletin at least one week in advanced and it should not be published on the actual Sunday. This will allow the parents to have time to decide on how to handle their children when there is no Sunday Pre-School in the following Sunday. This shall be done by email by the leader of the upcoming lesson to Ann-Boye Hansen before the Wednesday will ensure it is included in the announcements.

6. Cancellation of lesson due to the teacher is sick on the Sunday he or she on duty and after failing to find any substitute at last minute is an exceptional case. In this situation, the teacher needs to call Austin as soon as possible so that he can make the announcement during the service.

"5. To discuss tasks delegation and empowerment in the Sunday Pre-school ministry, for example, who is responsible for supplies, yearly spring cleaning, communications, Christmas special project, set up teaching schedule, enlisting, training new teachers and helpers and the like."

Action: All involved parents assumed one or more roles. These roles can be swapped as we go forward but for now, they are as follows:
Teaching Schedule Coordinator: Simon Coote
Supplies Coordinator and Shopper: Jannie Silfverberg
Christmas Project Coordinator: Rochelle Coote
2nd Project Coordinator: Juliana Hans
Nursery Team Communication vs Church: Simon Coote
Spring Cleaning Coordinator: Simon Coote
Curriculum Coordinator: VK & WM Tan
Quarterly Meeting Coordinator: Allan Silfverberg

Training of Teachers and Helpers: VK & WM Tan
Enlisting of New Teachers & Helpers: Simon Coote
Pre-School/Nursery Website: Elaine
Attendance Lists: VK

For the record: Simon has decided to take a more administrative role for the Pre-School/Nursery and will not be leading classes, although he will continue to serve as a helper.

"6. Next Quarterly Nursery Meeting"
Date: 20 April 2013
Time: 2.30pm-4.30pm
Venue: @ the Silfverbergs, Pilegårdsparken 14, 3460 Birkerød

Agenda points will be collected by Allan Silfverberg and submitted to all in due time before the meeting.

Thanks for your faithful participation and commitment to putting the nursery/pre-school on God's agenda for our kids!
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