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Nursery Lesson Plan 33: God Cares For Me - 1st June 2014

Lesson Plan for 1st June (Lesson 33)
Concept Area – God
Theme: God cares for me
Bible verse: 1 Peter 5:7 God cares for you
Bible Stories:
The story of Ruth (Ruth 1-4)

Activity 1: The Gleaning Game (Visual & Kinaesthetic)

Scatter the various beans and grains (red bean, green bean, barley or corn) in a tray and mix them well. Assign each child a specific type of bean or grain.

Instruct the children, “In this game, pretend you’re like Ruth, gathering pieces of wheat for your supper. You can only gather the bean or grain that match yours. So if you belong to red bean, only gather the red bean. After you’ve gathered a handful of bean or grain, count how many bean and grain you have collected and put them in your bag. Are you ready? Let’s go!”

Stable the bag of bean or grain on a card with the bible verses of the day on it. Ask the children to write their names on the card and the numbers of the beans or grains collected in the card. If time permitted, let the children decorate their cards with stickers.

While doing this activity with the children, talk about Naomi and Ruth entered Naomi’s hometown poor and alone. Ruth went to gather leftover grain from a field, so she and Naomi would have something to eat. Remind the children that gather the beans or grains are hard work. Ask the children to think how many beans or grain Ruth needs to gather so that she have enough beans or grains to feed both Naomi and herself. 

Activity 2: Group Time (Visual & Auditory)

Bible Story: The story of Ruth (Ruth 1-4)

As the children join you to sit in a circle, welcome them to the Group Time and talk about their family members.

Open the Bible to Ruth 1-4 and hold it to the lap as while telling the Bible story.

•        Read Ruth 1–3. Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth, returned to Bethlehem after the deaths of their husbands. Naomi and Ruth entered Naomi’s hometown poor and alone. Ruth went to gather leftover grain from a field, so she and Naomi would have something to eat. Boaz, the owner of the field and relative to Naomi, learned about the condition of the two women and set about helping them.

•        The law held that a man’s brother or closest male relative would marry his widow to ensure that the family line would continue. (See Deuteronomy 25:5-10.) At Naomi’s prompting, Ruth approached Boaz and asked him to redeem her, which included marrying her. Boaz told her that a closer male relative held that responsibility. However, if that relative did not redeem Ruth, Boaz would.

•        Read Ruth 4:1-17. The other redeemer relinquished his claim, and Boaz took Ruth as his wife. In time the Lord gifted Boaz and Ruth with a son. Naomi’s friends gathered to celebrate this new grandson. Naomi’s friends praised God that He provided Naomi with a grandson to care for her in her old age. The women also praised God for Ruth. Ruth’s love for Naomi was evident in the way she had unselfishly remained with her and cared for her.

•        The women named the boy Obed, which means “servant.” Perhaps this name was chosen because of Ruth’s service to Naomi. Or perhaps they believed the child would serve the needs of his grandmother, Naomi. Or perhaps the name was prophetic. Obed became the father of Jesse and the grandfather of David. From his line would come Jesus, the Suffering Servant and our Redeemer.
Introduce the Bible phrase of the day: 1 Peter 5:7 God cares for you

Activity 3: Making collages (Visual &Kinaesthetic)

Provide the children with the pictures of “The story of Ruth” and ask them to paste the pictures onto a collage according to the sequence of the event in the story. While the children carrying out the activity, reinforce the Bible stories with the children that they have just listened.
Snacks time

Activity 4: Activities Centres

The children are allowed to choose one of the following activities from the Activity Centres:
1.  Colouring Centre
2.  Bible Story Centre

As the children are engaging in any of the activity, encourage them to tell you about their favourite Bible stories, including today's Bible story. Choose Bible stories with the theme of “family” and “care”. Talk about show family love to one another and care for one another like Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. Provide the children some inspiration of how they can show family love and care for one another at home, kindergarten and church. Encourage them to think of situations at home that they love one another and care for one another.

Activity 5: Singing (Auditory & Kinaesthetic)

* Love your family. Love your family.
Love your family. Love your family.
Love your family. Love your family.
Love your family.
* Substitute: * Help, Serve, Love
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