Sunday, 7 October 2012


Nursery Lesson Plan 52: My Family Can Help Others - The Good Samarian - 7th October 2012

Dear everyone,
What a joy to see the many little faces on Sunday! Please find a summary about the concept area and activities held for the children at the preschool ministry on Sunday 07 October 2012:
Concept Area:
My family can help other people.
Bible Story:
Who is our neighbour – Jesus tells about the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).
Bible Verse:
Galatians 5:13 Help one another.
There were 4 activity stations that were set up as follow:
1. Making Hand Print Collages
When the children arrived at the Sunday Pre-school, they are greeted and were introduced to this theme discovering activity. The children were requested to make their hand prints on a collage. While they were making their hand prints, we have a good conversation with the children to introduce to them that they can use their hands to help others, for example helping the weak, helping in the church, helping dad & mom at home, helping one another at school.
2. Painting
Each child was provided with a blank A3 size paper and the children were encouraged to draw anything in their mind. We observed what they drew on the paper, what colour they choose to paint, slowly we introduce to them the concept of helping one another. We used the object they drew to talk about and relate to the theme of helping other people. We asked the children leading questions to direct them to the theme of the day. For example, if the children drew a tree, we talked with them about God create trees for us. Trees are good for us because trees bear fruits. We can help others by taking care of the trees around us so that everyone can enjoy the fruits from the trees.
3. Play Dough
The children uses their hands to build something they like from the play dough. We reinforced the concept of helping others with them while they are building something from the paly dough. They can use their hand to help others just like they use their hands to build something from the play dough.
4. Telling the Bible story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
We told the Bible story on how a man who was hurt by the robbers and was abandoned by the road side. Two men passed by the hurt man but none of them help him. Finally, a good Samaritan passed by him and he stopped to bandage the hurt man. He brought him to a hotel and paid for his stay at the hotel. We asked prompting questions to the children like whether the first 2 two men did the right thing by ignoring the hurt man at the road side and how they think about the good Samaritan of helping the hurt man. At the end of the Bible storytelling, we restated the learning experience with the children by showing them a slides show of unfortunate children in 3rd world countries. We try to explain to them the following values:
• The children together with their family can help those unfortunate children in 3rd world countries
• The children can help the weak like the children in the 3rd world countries as shown in the video
• When they help the others, they show them God’s love
• The children can help others to do good thing when they set a good example to follow
• When they do something good, other will follow them
The children were fascinated by the slide shows and asking us questions like why the unfortunate children in the 3rd world countries have not enough food to eat and clean water to drink and use.
The day's session concluded with a game. Each child is given a tissue to place on his/ her head. The children were instructed to move around to the tune of music while keeping the tissue on their heads. If a tissue fell off, the child would freeze. Another child needed to help the frozen child by placing the tissue back on the frozen child's head, allowing the frozen child to re-join the game. This game helped raise awareness of others in need for preschool children.
We hope you may reinforce the Sunday Preschool learning with your children at home throughout the week.
We hope to see your children again next time, both 'old' and 'new' faces to come, share and enjoy in the wonderful teachings God has for us.
on behalf of teachers and helpers on 7 Oct
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