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Nursery Plan Lesson Plan 29: People Thank God at Church - 5th May 2013

Lesson Plan for 5th May (Lesson 29)

Concept Area – Church

Theme: People thank God at church

Bible verse: Psalm 136:1 Say thank you to God

Bible Stories:
The 10 Lepers (Luke 17:11-19)

Activity 1: Making “Thank you” card (Visual & Kinaesthetic)

This activity is a warming up activity to introduce the children the theme of the day, “People thank God at church”. Throughout this activity, the children will be introduced to the following questions:

What do you say when someone gives you something special?
What do you say when someone does something for you that makes you feel happy? 
What do you say when someone does something to show they love you?
Why we say thank you to God?
How people at church say thank you to God?

The children can choose one of the following “Thank you” card making:

Trace the heart
The children trace a heart shape using a template on a colour card. Then they cut the heart shape along the lines they have just traced. Decorate the heart shaped card and help them to write thank you note to someone they would like this card to be dedicated to.

Trace the fingers
The children trace their 10 fingers on a piece of colour card. Let the children use their own creativity to decorate the fingers that they traced on the card. While the children decorating their traces of 10 fingers, introduce them the 10 lepers. Help them to write “thank you” on the card and thank you note to someone they would like this card to be dedicated to.  

Activity 2: Making collages (Visual & Kinaesthetic)

Provide the children with the pictures from the Bible stories of The 10 Lepers, ask them to cut the pictures and paste the pictures onto a collage. Ask them to reproduce the stories in sequence. While the children carrying out the activity, reinforce the bible stories with the children that they have just listened.
Activity 3: “Thank you God for …” Game (Kinaesthetic)

In this game, children sit in a circle and pass the beanbag to each other, whoever is holding the beanbag says "thank you God for ______" and then says something they are thankful for and passes the beanbag to someone else. Encourage children to give everyone a turn with the beanbag and not just pass it back and forth to the friends next to them.

Activity 4: Bible or books station (Visual & Auditory)
Put a Bible at the Bible or book station. If any children are interested in listening to stories, read the stories to them.
Activity 5: Singing “Say Thank You” (Auditory & Kinaesthetic)

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