Sunday 6 November 2011


Nursery Lesson Plan 11: The Bible teaches us about Jesus

Dear Parents,
'We can learn about God and Jesus from the Bible.' - this is the theme for the Sunday pre-school learning on 06 November 2011. 

I hope that the children be reminded about the Bible from God, from which we can learn about Him, and apply His teachings and lessons in our own lives.  

Please find a brief summary below about the concept area and the activities we planned for the children:

Concept Area:



I can learn about God and Jesus from the Bible.

Bible Story:

2 Timothy 3: 15 The Bible teaches us about Jesus. 

Young Jesus studied the scriptures with the wise teachers at the tabernacle. 

Bible Verse:
2 Timothy 3: 15 The Bible teaches us about Jesus. 


As a warm-up activity, we started by recalling the stories the children have learnt from the previous Sundays through 'join-the-dots' and maze activities. Stories from 'Jonah and the whale', 'Jesus was born', 'Noah's Ark', 'Jesus is God's son', and among others were repeated, for example, using the maze activities to help Noah find the animals for the Ark, and the shepherds to find baby Jesus in the manger.

As Christmas is approaching and to co-relate with the Bible theme of learning about Jesus, the children had an opportunity to create and decorate Christmas cards that they could give to their loved ones at home, to parents and grandparents. Throughout the activities, children hear about the meaning of Christmas, about God's salvation through His son, Jesus. 

During the story-telling time, children hear about how young Jesus studied the scriptures together with the wise teacher at the tabernacle. Likewise for us today, we also read the Bible at home together with our parents and family and at church with teachers and friends. I tried to introduce the concept that for each book in the Bible, there is a chapter and the corresponding verses. To repeat from a previous learning on the first few books of the Old Testament, building blocks printed with the names of the first 7 books, from Genesis till Judges were used in which the children could learn these names through building a Bible block or skyscraper, and to arrange them in the correct order, according to the Bible.

Before refreshments time, we prayed and gave thanks for the rice crackers and drink. Very quickly, the time passed, and we started to clean-up the room, with the children’s involvement  and thereafter parents came to pick up their children after the worship service. 

I urge and encourage you to continue the learning aim at home about reading the Bible as a central activity at home. 

See you all again at church on Sunday!

Wi Min on behalf of the teachers on duty on 06 November 11.

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