Contact Us

Nursery/Preschool Leader:
Rochelle Coote

Children's Ministry Coordinator:
Austin Sailsbury

N. Erik Nielsen
39 64 36 79

Church Council :

LIFE Groups :

The Nursery and Preschool is run by a group of volunteer parents. And we are always in need of helpers. If you have a passion for nursery and preschool ministry, please contact the following:

Enlisting of New Teachers & Helpers:
Simon Coote

Nursery/Preschool Task Distribution:

Teaching Schedule Coordinator: Simon Coote

Supplies Coordinator and Shopper: Jannie Silfverberg

Christmas Project Coordinator: Rochelle Coote

2nd Project Coordinator: Juliana Hans

Nursery Team Communication vs Church: Simon Coote

Spring Cleaning Coordinator: Simon Coote

Curriculum Coordinator: VK & WM Tan

Quarterly Meeting Coordinator: Allan Silfverberg

Training of Teachers and Helpers: VK & WM Tan

Enlisting of New Teachers & Helpers: Simon Coote

Pre-School/Nursery Website: Elaine Ng Friis

Attendance Lists: VK
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